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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lakeview Hotel and Restaurant, Kintamani with stunning view of active volcano

Lakeview Hotel  and Restaurant,
Jalan Raya Penelokan,
Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia.
Tel: 6287861119990 (Mr Kadek).
Lake View Hotel and Restaurant, located on Lake Batur is a quiet and peaceful place. It is strategically located with a majestic view of active  mountains volcanoe, Mount Batur and a beautiful mountain lake. 

This hotel has many to offer like  charming surrounding panorama,  cozy accommodation, complete amenities and facilities as well as warm and friendly service from the staffs and  Mr Kadek, the General Manager of the hotel. You  can also sit out at night and enjoying the cool air and watch the sunrise over the lake from your balcony .
 great view of the lake.
Looking over the smoky volcano and its deep crater lake of Mt. Batur is a great experience.  
 Double bed in the Deluxe Room.
It features two deluxe rooms, ten superior rooms and eight standard rooms which are in a separate building to the east.  and it was built right into the hillside. The deluxe rooms are large, clean, spacious and very comfortable.  Each  room commands magnificent views of smoky mountain and lake.
Deluxy room - Rp 847.000 net including breakfast.
Standard room - Rp 605.000 net including breakfast
For extra bed and breakfast - Rp 120.00
Peak season surcharge Pr 150.00
 Toilet  with window
 Twin Room with extra bed.
  clean bathroom.
  bathroom with  complimentary toiletries including toothbrush and shower caps. 
 They were equipped with kettle, tea and  coffee,  mineral water and  nice Balinese biscuits. 
  Not so many dining places in Kintamani height serves dinner, and this hotel is one of few.

Before i came here, i told Mr Kadek that i prefer the vegetarian meal for our dinner. Just look at the menu was served to me and my group.

Vegetarian food served to us..
Urab (steamed vegetables with roasted coconut dressing) OR Choko stir-fry (jukut jipang) OR Vegetarian Curry Madras
Potato fritters OR Diced potatoes & capsicum
Spring rolls OR Tempura
Acar (fresh pickled carrots, cucumber and pineapple with shallots and chili)
Tempe Kacang Manis (Sweet tempe stir-fry)  AND serundeng  kelapa (fried coconut garnishRice & Noodles
White Rice
Grill fish
Aromatic Ginger Fried Rice OR Batur Style Fried Rice (w shredded pumpkin, blackbeans and crunchy nuts)
 Mr Kadek with us.Very friendly and warm person.
Because of no activity can be done much here, Mr Kadek offered us special package of  private hot spring pool at nite. We really had a great moment here. Thanks to Mr Kadek for everything. Hope we can see you again in future. 
 Volume 2, Book 20, Number 201 :

Narrated by 'Abdullah bin Dinar
On traveling, 'Abdullah bin 'Umar used to offer the prayer on his Mount by signs whatever direction it took. 'Abdullah said that the Prophet used to do so.


  1. Assalamualaikum Yan

    pemandangan tasik
    boleh duduk lama tu....

    1. waalaikumusalam Bro Rozali..

      memang cantik esp bila nak senja dan matahari naik.. suka

  2. hotel ni dkt dgn resturant kintamani (makan mengadap gunung) yg glamer tu ke?

    1. betul lah tu. tapi yang ni bahagian bawah sikit.. Batur restaurant kalau tak silap yang tu..

  3. kami plan jgk nk ke bali ujung thn ni...err gunung berapi tu....selamat ke? :) :)

    1. INSYALLAH selamat sebab gunung tu belah nun.. kita belah ni.. INSYALLAH..

  4. Sungguh cantik pemandangan tasik kat situ.....

  5. Salam... very stunning view...! I went to Bali last year and visitied Mt Batur as a day-trip activity. IMO, Mount Bator is very beautiful but the sellers are too aggressive n pushy. They don't let u have yr own time enjoying the scenery... Dahla perjalanan tu lama, nak duduk tengok gunung 5 minit dengan aman pon susah...lepas2 tu kalau, mereka nak dtg jual2, x apala... he..he.. emo plak sekejap...:)

    1. NO DOUBT. the scenery is so stunning. speechless. kagum dgn kejadian ALLAH. i dapat menikmati nya sebab duduk kat situ..

      well tang sellers tu mmg tak leh nak kata apa.. kat mana pun mmg cam tu kalau kat Indonesia. jangan emo.. hee

    2. wow!! siap mandi air panas akak kat situ yer...bestnya...

    3. Yup, memang speechless... when we arrived there, we just stared at the mountain w/out talking.. semua pon dok layan fikiran masing2..well, of course, this was be4 the sellers came n interfere..he..he..
      itulah kan, saya pon x terfikir nak bermalam kat situ... it must be an unforgettable experience to stay at a hotel nearby a volcano...;)

    4. Kalau u dapat duduk di satu resto ni waktu petang, lagi best.. nampak volcano tu macam meruap2. heee.. kata makcik resto tu, itu volcano sedang meletus kecill takut gak.. heetapi mmg great experience.

  6. subhanallah...cantik betul pemandangan nye kak......sayup2 mate memandang.....best2.....syok dpt pergi jalan kat negara org ni kan....dpt rase makanan dieorg, tgk life dieorg kat sane....

    tapi lieya suke laa toilet bertingkap tu...leh notty2 sekodeng hihihi

    1. Mmg cantik and thrill lah sebab tido kat depan gunung berapi yang still active.

      food pun sedap..

      amboiiii nottyyyy...

  7. woh...kacak sungguh mr Kadek! eh, salah topik!

    1. anak2 dara ofis akak pun gediks2 gak dgn mr kadek ni yang oiii.sume nak gambo.

    2. mak dara yg terlebih2 tu.. malam mengigau saja..

    3. hihihi.. dah tahu status pun masih terbayang wajah pak kadek. the best holiday ever.

    4. itu namanya jatuh cinta pandang pertama.