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Monday, April 30, 2012

My Sweet Memory in Kashmir valley (10) - with Mr Fahad's family again.

Ok guys..N3 kali ini i nak skip sikit. Ada lah sebab musababnya kann.. Today was my fifth day in Kashmir.. Last nite i stayed in houseboat Bostan Gulistan. I thot early this morning i wanted to go to floating market. But, it was raining since yesterday.. All my plan hancur.. What do to.. Actually benda ni lah yang i teringin sangat nak buat if i stayed at the houseboat. Never mind, i had another place to go.. Then lepas shikara ride i supposedly took my second breakfast. heeee.. 
 Sambil - sambil tunggu food being served by Mr Akhbar, i just looked at the sky. Very black sky i had today. Hujan je.. I was freezing. But  love to sit kat balcony houseboat ni.. 
Suka sangat..
Tup..tupp... i nampak one shikara menuju ke arah Bostan Gulistan.. Tapi tak nampak orang...
Oooo..Mr Fahad..Time to check out.
Today i checked out and transferred back to Comrade Inn. Once naik dari shikara tu we had breakfast together. He said he took just little breakfast at home. So i ajak dia joint lah..
 Sambil tu we talked about our plan today... YA ALLAH.. another sad new. We cancelled our trip to Wular Lake and Madrasah.. I was so frustrated, Since dari Malaysia lagi i really wanted to go to Wular Lake, In fact once arrived in Kashmir i always mentioned to others i nak pegi ke Wular Lake, the biggest freshwater lake in Asia.. and visited madrasah yang ada orphanage..But what to do, Mr Fahad said coz of  the road condition and due to the heavy rain last nite..For my SAFETY kata Mr Fahad, we had to cancel. What to do.. But to tell u the truth until now i always feel so hurt and sad that i cant be in Wular Lake. Really sad.. Just pray to ALLAH, i have long life and ALLAH permits me there in future. INSYALLAH.
 Sebelum meninggalkan houseboat we took picture. Mr Asraf on my right, owner of the houseboat and Mr Akhbar, my butler.
Time to say good bye to Mr Asraf. Thanks for his kindness. Diarang suka sembang dengan guests. Tanya itu ini and checked weather we ok or not with the houseboat. Hujan semakin lebat. We needed to rush..
 Kami menuju ke seberang. See the rain.. And windy.. Scary gak masa ni.. Tapi tak teruk lahh.. Just feel worry je..
 Rain..rain...go away....In my heart still hoping that we can go to Wular Lake...
Sebenarnya Mr Fahad told me that he wanted me to go to his house and had lunch together with his family.. At first i macam tak nak lah kann. But i think why not.. Since orang nak ajak.. 
On the way to singgah kejap ke sini.. Ahaaa..Amar Singh College. Mr Fahad punya college dulu. 
 Gambar jangan tak gambar..
Geography his major too besides tourism.
While walking and talking, i told Mr Fahad that how lucky Malaysian students. They have such a luxury college tempat depa belajar. Kat sini i noticed, sedih sangat.. Our students ni kira macam pampered sangat.

I terus di bawa ke rumah agam Mr Fahad. On the first day i arrived tu i dah datang ke sini. But on that time his mama was not so good. So sick..I tak nak disturbed. So, today i dapat tengok his mama. So sad to look at her condition. And this morning  I had a chance to see this. His baba suapkan porridge to his mama. When his baba out from this room, i offered myself to feed her. But she refused. Malu maybe. We didnt talk much but she kept looking at me and smiled. And that was the last moment i saw her.. 
Guys.. masa i went out  on last Saturday afternoon, April 28, 2012.  suddenly my whatapps berbunyi, "Mummy passed away jus nw. (3.37pm Malaysian time). Dua'a for her pls."..I cant swallowed my rice. Shocked and sad with the news. Mr Fahad told me, right after she closed her eyes with kalimah syahadah, exactly at the time of zohor adzan . Kashmir time around 1.00PM (3.30PM Malaysia time).  She passed away very peacefully. There was lots of nur on her face.MASYALLAHHH..So sad when Mr Fahad told me all about this.. I still remembered before i went back, i shook  and kissed her hand. (of coz this was not normal form them. This is the way we respect to elderly). And i also kissed her forehead.. Her skin was so soft like baby. Pray that she were placed in Jannah.. and guys sedekahkan Al fatihah buat beliau. She suffered of ovarian cancer for almost 7 years.. ALLAH gives her Husnul Khatimah. INSYALLAHH..
 Ok lahh.. sambung cerita i kat rumah ni.. Masa ni lunch. I had lunch with his baba and uncle Muzzafar. Mr Fahad gone.. Tak tau ke mana..So just 3 of us. 
 Same thing i took at his grandfather's house yang atas ni. Sayur. Then apa tah.. hee.. Forgot lahh.
 And i love this. Kebab..
 Ni kira depa punya ulam lahh. salad..
 Lepas makan, makan ni pulak.. Buah delima and apple.
 I took photos pulak.. His baba wanted to go out. He is a great guy.. Soooo friendly..  So i pun bergambar lah.. Dengan Zainab gak.. So cute.
 Dengan Uncle Muzzafar pun. Very friendly. Talkative.. I love to hear his voice..Lelaki gitu...heee..
 With her sisters, Suhaila, and Nyla..Little cutie pie, Ismeal, and Mohammed.
 Sempat lagi tangkap gambar di halaman rumah Mr Fahad. Hasil shot Mr Fahad..
Almond is bloomingggg..
I was so happy to be in this family. Thanks GOD i had a chance meeting his late Mama..His Baba, Gossshhh so kind to me.. We had great time talking many things especially about his stay in Malaysia. And he lovesss Laksa Johor.. Hee... They were great people. Very friendly, very warm. Macam my own family.. INSYALLAH.. jumpa lagi in future..Just one or two things which really made my heart hurt and sad.. Only ALLAH knows...But not this family ok. For me they were superb.  IINSYALLAH if i can go there again, i will visit his mama's grave and sedekah Al Fatihah for her. Dua'a kan ye..Anyway..ada lagi tau N3 pasal Kashmir..heee...Vomitt..vomittt..jangan tak vomittt...K a k   K a s i h r e d h a  tak vomit kannn????..
 Volume 2, Book 23, Number 334 :

Narrated by Kharija bin Zaid bin Thabit
Um Al-'Ala', an Ansari woman who gave the pledge of allegiance to the Prophet said to me, "The emigrants were distributed amongst us by drawing lots and we got in our share 'Uthman bin Maz'un. We made him stay with us in our house. Then he suffered from a disease which proved fatal when he died and was given a bath and was shrouded in his clothes, Allah's Apostle came I said, 'May Allah be merciful to you, O Abu As-Sa'ib! I testify that Allah has honored you'. The Prophet said, 'How do you know that Allah has honored him?' I replied, 'O Allah's Apostle! Let my father be sacrificed for you! On whom else shall Allah bestow His honor?' The Prophet said, 'No doubt, death came to him. By Allah, I too wish him good, but by Allah, I do not know what Allah will do with me though I am Allah's Apostle. ' By Allah, I never attested the piety of anyone after that."

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Sweet Memory in Kashmir Valley (9) - Meeting Mr Fahad's family.

..continued M y   S w e e t   M e m o r y   i n    K a s h m i r   V a l l e y  (8).

Sambung balik ye cerita My Kashmir..heee.. tak habis lagi tauuu.. Today was my fifth day in Kashmir April 9,2012.. Arrrgghhh only 2 days left.. Sedihnyaaaa.. Even i was all alone, rasa sedih nak tinggalkan Kashmir. huuu..huu..Today, i kena checked out dari Comrade Inn.  nak stayed in the houseboat. Actually i really wanted to stay kat houseboat ni lama. But i think i akan rasa sunyi..Tu  yang cancelled for the last nite. Katanya lebih seronok kalau dapat stay lama di houseboat. Tapi ye lah tak kan  nak cakap sorang - sorang kann..
They were my driver, Muhamad Ayub and Shikara man, alaa lupa nama dia.
While heading to the houseboat, cuci mata kat sini..Tomorrow i plan nak skihara ride.
Ni lah my houseboat..Bostan Gulistan.
Ada courtyard and at the back there was the owner's house.
The Dal Lake view from the houseboat's deck.
Bridge ni menghubungkan the whole houseboats which belong to Bostan Gulistan.. Banyak...
Yang best nya my houseboat kat tepi tu ada courtyard.. Best sangat. At this moment was at 11.00AM.  A  lots of sun. very sunny. But it was pleasant. And i was introduced to Mr Akhbar, owner of the Bostan Gulistan by Mr Fahad.
While waiting the house keeping made my room, tea was served to me and Mr Fahad..We drank while the tea still hot..Gosshhhh sedapnya.. minum chai with  biscuit. Biscuit memang tak tinggal...
Nampaklah pulak mamat jual bunga.. Mr Fahad reminded me not to buy the seed..I also didnt think i nak beli.. Just looked at the flower. Hope bunga favorite i ada.. Lily.. eemmm..tak ada lahhh..
Mamat jual bunga tu kan, lepas tanya2 dengan i he went back to his boat, then came back to me and  brought some little flowers and  gave to me.. Heee.. comeeee...I pun amik lahhh..Then verangannn..After about 45 minutes of waiting, i pun masuk ke dalam houseboat dan temgok which room i wanted to stay. 
Settle... i took first room. Belum balik pun bags i dah banyak cam ni. Sure excess baggage lah niii..
I love this houseboat. Esp bed. I suka if hotel guna white for bedspread. once dah settled, and satisfied, we needed to move.. Nak pegi factory uncle's Mr Fahad.
Sempat lagi verangan... heee..
dan lagi..So fresh and calm..sambil pandang - pandang lake tu..Macam merenung masa depan..
Best sangatttt..
We went to here. I wanted to buy something.. Uncle Mr Fahad ni ada big business dalam furniture, dan lain - lain barang lahh..Product of Kashmir. Macam shawls, paper marcier, carpet, macam - macam lahh..
Ini dia.. Paper Marcier. Famous in Kashmir..Ada lah beli sikit..Tupp..tuppp..tiba kat Malaysia, i missed some of the things.. Alaaaa...Sayang bettull..
Masa nak keluar balik, i saw the old fort dari this factory.. I noticed that old fort ni u can see from every angle of Srinagar.. Heee.. Amazing.. ..Anyway, spent about 1 hour kat sini, then we went to Mr Fahad's grandfather's house.

Once entering, i felt so surprised ..Wow!!! What a big house. Mansion gitu. So big. I believe they are rich people. Like bungalow on its own land. Big compound, and also many houses next to each others. Ada yang under construction lagi.. All the family members were living in one compound. Except Mr.Fahad's family..I myself really love to see this house.. Different from Malaysia lah of coz.

I was soooo damn happy meeting his family..Here i met his grandfather, aunties, cousin, and his uncle. Uncle Mr Fahad ni just arrived dari Malaysia.. Heee. Funny i rasa. I met Kashmiri who's staying in Malaysia and talked Melayu dengan i.. Heeee....Ada business di Malaysia since many  many years ago.. Maybe since 2 decades cam tu.. Kashmir House (carpet house ) itu milik this family. 2 or 3 pcs carpets kat rumah i, i bought there.
I met his grandfather.. Very old man. So happy to meet him. He told me a bit about his stay in Malaysia..Dulu - dulu lahh..Duduk kat Jalan TAR..Sambil sembang, his aunties prepared tea for us.. YA ALLAH..bestnya panas - panas.. Thennnn.. biscuits. Lama - lama i love to  eat the biscuits..Lepas minum Mr Fahad ajak i round his grandfather's orchard..
Apple orchard youuuu..So wide.. soooooo wide..Saujana mata memandang..Macam commercial punya orchard gitu.. I wish masa apples ni berbuah i ada kat i could pluck the apples.. YA ALLAHHH..Macam best nyaaa.. Mr Fahad loves durian and have a dream nak kutip durian, then me nak pluck the apples..heee. We sould change the orchard. 
with his cousin, Madihah.. She's so lovely.. So cute. So soft.. 
While walking here, Mr Fahad and Madihah told me about their childhood times. They liked to play at this orchard. Running here and there. Sometimes they had their lunch here. Best gak kan.. Duduk dalam kebun cam ni...Bersih.. The orchard so beautiful..Mr Fahad also had one plan on this orchard.. We wait and  see... Dua'a for him..
I sendiri very hard to guess what's the name of this trees.. Mr Fahad told me already.. But i forgot lahh..
I also forgot. Pokok apa ni..
Suka sangat dengan bangsal nii.. Pokok yang i berdiri ni pokok fig..
If i m not mistaken this was walnut  tree. Almost 50 years old. At the back of the biggg house. (nanti tanya Mr Fahad balik, if it is wrong, i will edit back...Heeee..)
Ini pulak cherry orchard kot.. Forgot againnn..
Ini Almond blossom.. ada gak kat situ.. Seribu satu jenis pokok buah.. Macam - macam ada.. Kira kalau kita di Malaysia, ada pokok durian, langsat, manggis, macma tu lah.. But the best thing, this period, all the trees berbunga.. Nanti summer depa petik buahh.. Best kann..Dah habis serata kebun kami redah, his uncle searched for us and asked us to have our lunch.. YA ALLAHHHH.. i had my lunch here...MASYALLAHH.. My rezeki..Merasa masakan rumah..Jom tengok apa i makan..
i love this. Since kat hotel lagi i love this kinda dish. Macam ricotta cheese then masak curry. But curry depa ni not as thick as Indian or Mamak punya curry tau.. Sedappp.. Tak bau rempah. Patutnya kan i amik recipe kann. Tapi i ni bukan Chef CiJu.. heee.. I tau makan je.. 
Ni macam curry gak lahh.. Ada ayam and mutton..SEDAPPPPP..
Ini kinda sayur depa.. Tapi i tak berapa nak boleh makan. A bit bitter. Tapi i tak kesah sangat. Cuma i tak tahan. Too salty. Depa told me that memang this dish a bit salty.. They need that..Emmm...okk..
Ini pun masin. And i just love that 2 dishes.. but anyway i was so blessed  i could taste Kashmiri cuisine. Home made lagi..After some times, we needed to say good bye. 
Sempat lagi bergambar.. The 2 aunties who prepared the nice dishes. Dengan his grandfather, his cousin Madihah and his uncle, Mr Ibrahim. Ni yang duduk Malaysia ni..
Nampak tak jam kat dinding tu.. Pukul 2.30PM. Means Malaysia was about at 5.00PM. Tetiba lak teirngat kann..hee. Right after we took our pictures, time to say good bye,, They said, please come againn..INSYALLAHHH. i will in future.. They were so kind to me.. Their kindness and hospitality really made me feel like i was in my own family.. Some more, before i came to Kashmir, Mr Fahad dah sembang banyak pasal i.. Heee..Sebelum naik ke kereta, his aunties accompanied me to see some of the flower in their garden.
 Ini Jasmine.
 Ini Magnolia?? tak hengattt..
Ini of coz Mustard.
Lepas dari sini we went to the town. Nak shopping sikit. But the weather was not so good. Cloudy and rainy.. ALHAMDULILAH since the day i arrived, hari ini baru hujan..Wished sangat tomorrow tak hujan. Plan nak ke Wular Lake and Madrasah. Tapi hari ni nak shopping dulu.. Ok.. ada lagi tau N3 pasal Kashmir niii.. 

Anyway.. ini jawapan dari teka teki lalu.. Hanya sorang je yang betul semua. Tapi i rasa he had many experiences exploring negara India, Pakistan kot. Sebab bunga pun dia tau.. heee..YANG BERJAYA MENEKA.....K. N i z a m . Jawapan nya adalah 1. ALMOND 2. WALNUT 3. SAFFRONE 4. TEA/CHAI
Tahniahh.. Alaaaa...tadak hadiah lahh..saja suka2 k..
 Volume 2, Book 23, Number 330 :

Narrated by 'Abdullah
Allah's Apostle said, "Anyone who dies worshipping others along with Allah will definitely enter the Fire." I said, "Anyone who dies worshipping none along with Allah will definitely enter Paradise."