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Friday, December 30, 2011

Pahalgam during winter

I wanna share with you guys with these breathtaking pictures in Pahalgam, Kashmir. It is situated at a distance of 96kms from Srinagar the capital of Kashmir province lies lies the Pahalgam. 

Pahalgam means village of shepherds in the local vernacular. Pahal=shepherds, Gam=village. And true to its name Pahalgam was a pastoral village of the yesteryear. But with the advent of tourism this little sleepy village has turned into a small township offering world class facilities to tourists of all categories.
Pahalgam has better tourist spot for skiing.
Pahalgam has a lot to offer for every kind of visitor. It is an ideal place for leisure away from hustle and bustle of the city. One can just lay back and relax in the woods by the gushing river Lidder. 
Pahalgam is located on the bank of Lidder River. The sounds of Lidder River is as external as the whisper of the wind thru pine and fir. Lidder which is the main drainage of the Lidder Valley.

The East Lidder  river originates from Lake Sheshnag and the West Lidder from Kolahoi Glacier (at the foot of Mt Kolahoi 17, 799 ft above sea level, the highest peak in the vicinity of Kashmir Valley). Pahalgam is situated at the confluence of East and West branches of river.
 View of Mt Kolahoi in summer.. I will witness this..INSYALLAHHH..
 Pahalgam Valley in summer.. MASYALLAHHHH..
Mountain flower during summer. Vibrant!!!..
And for the adventure lover Pahalgam is like a gold mine. Gateway to some of the best Alpine treks in the world. Pahalgam is surrounded by an array of alpine lakes and lush green meadows. In the vicinity of Pahalgam is Mt Kolahoi (17.799 ft above sea level) known as the Matterhorn of Kashmir due to the striking resemblance to Mt Matterhorn in the Swiss Apls, a climbers delight apart from that the streams and rivers offer a wonderful chance for white water rafting and the cliffs offer rock climbing oppourtunities. Heli skiing is also done in the area.
Within Pahalgam is the Overa-Aru biosphere reserve, a treat for wildlife lovers with some of the world's rare  wildlife species  like  the Musk Deer, The  Hangul (Kashmir Stag), Commom  Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, Brown Bear, and a lot of beautiful Alpine birds.

Pahalgam boasts  of a 18  hole golf  course  for golfers. The  golf course  offers  greens which few golf course in the world  can offer. Surrounded by majestic mountains it's a life time experience to play there.
What is this? This is firewood which is used for Hamam during winter.
This is the fireplace to burn firewood to heat HAMAM. What is HAMAM?
Hamam is a room with hollow floor which is heated by burning firewood which provides heat during winter. It is also ensures a supply of hot water thru an attached cooper tank called Khazane. Winter in Kashmir is a permanent problem and needs solutions. Hamam can sure be one. The technology was originally imported from Afganistan. It becomes more and more popular among Kashmiris.The coziness and comfort it provides in harsh Kashmiri winter is at the top. Another reason is hamam is a healthy alternative to gas heaters or coal heaters.

Thanks to my Kashmiri fren who gives me some infos about hamam and shares some of the amazing, stunning, breathtaking pictures here, JAZAKALLAH UL KHAIR. In the brief  Pahalgam is a wonderful example of the beauty that the Valley of Kshmir has to offer. A MUST VISIT DESTINATION TO EXPERIENCE KASHMIR. INSYALLAHHHH.... one beautiful fine day i will be there in winter. AMEEN...
Narrated by Ibn Umar
The Prophet said, "The keys of the unseen are five and none knows them but Allah: (1) None knows what is in the womb, but Allah: (2) None knows what will happen tomorrow, but Allah; (3) None knows when it will rain, but Allah; (4) None knows where he will die, but Allah (knows that); (5) and none knows when the Hour will be established, but Allah."

Hadith Sahih Al Bukhari. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blogger Ayu Comes to Kedai Canggih..

Cerita ni memang dah lapuk dah. Lama dalam draft gara - gara masalah dengan blog ni lah.. Masalahnya macam ni.. I hope i leh share my  problem with others. Sebenarnya sebelum problem lebih kronik, i ada problem nak accessed using old email. Mintak verification. Bila  dah send num phone, dia tak reply back.. Tunggu dah masuk dua tiga hari.. Then masa i bw blog frens, i nampak dalam bloglist N E K C I K, my N3 still yang 2 hari lepas punya N3. aikkk.. apa hal pulak ye.. I dah suspen gaban..Comment di blog travel lady ni,  L e e z, i tanya dia. Thanks for her response. Still tak ok. 

I pun message kat Kak K a s i h r e d h a and A t i.. Habis heboh sekampung i lahh susah hati uuu..Diarang semua bagi response. Still i cant figured out cam ne nak solve. Then the next day ( day 3) i called A z i e a z a h. Bercerita lah i dengan panjang lebar..Maybe coz of blogspot.. Aduiiii.. I berdoa saja pada ALLAH.. jangan lah jadi yang bukan - bukan. sedih ooooo...Then on the 4th day, ALHAMDULLILAH.. I got my blog back.. SYUKURRRR..Oleh sebab itu lah banyak N3 dalam drafts tertangguh...

K lah k lahh... kita cite pasal makan lah ye..Heee.. i dok belanja my staffs after tutup kedai.. Kesian kat diarang ni yang i tengok macam anak - anak i.. Ye lah umur kecik - kecik lagi... Tu  yang ajak makan kat Waikiki Cafe. Kami ordered semacam je..Biar cepat. cepat makan, cepat depa semua balik rumah.. Esok nak mai ke kedai lagi kann.. Badan kena rehat..Sebab nak bersilat di kedai..heee...Maklum lah akhir tahun kann.Semua nya nak membeli peralatan sekolah...

Jomm tengok apa yang kami jamu malam tu..
Depa semua makan Nasi Goreng Ayam Black Pepper.
Dapat extra keropok lagi.
Dua anak sedara yang membantu dan bekerja dengan i. Miss Pija and Abang Ayip.
Some of the staffs. Toye je muka..
I took this, Oxtail Soup.
Sebab satu lagi i mai Kedai Canggih  malam tu adalah...... hah.. i ada special guest yang sudi mampir kedai i.. First time kami jumpa. Very friendly.. Macam kami dah jumpa lama..R o s h i d a y u   C h e   M a t. Come baby girl dia. 
kemain lagi  Ayu beraksi..hee..
Her husband oso very friendly.. 
Kami sempat berborak dan meluah perasaan.. heee.. maklum lah profession kira sama walau pun i dah pencen lama.. Kalau Ayu now CIKGU, i dah jadi CIKGI..heee.. Nice to meet u Ayu. Jangan serik mai kedai akak lagi. Sampai anak - anak u habis sekolah semua..heee...Semoga ukhwah terjalin erat. Malu bila Ayu promo diri i..hee. Toce ye Ayu...
Narrated by Anas bin Malik
The Prophet once climbed the mountain of Uhud with Abu Bakr, 'Umar and 'Uthman. The mountain shook with them. The Prophet said (to the mountain), "Be firm, O Uhud! For on you there are no more than a Prophet, a Siddiq and two martyrs.
Hadith Sahih Al Bukhari 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shopping Time with My Mommy di Empire, Subang Jaya

On Christmas day i went out with My Mommy, Chef CiJu and CiTi. Actually i felt so tired. But CiTi insisted me to follow them. I rasa penat sebab i just went out with Hubby and Abang Luqman ke Bandar One Utama.. Memang  memang i penat tahap gaban. But biasa lah tak sampai hati, kena lah ikut gak..Alaaa kitarang ke Empire. 

Ok lah ramai gak customers di Empire since ye lah scene gas meletop tu ingatkan tak ramai yang nak ke sana.
First place yang kitarang pegi adalah Coach Boutique. Sebenarnya we all nak cari handbag for My Mommy. Birthday her today. So, we all jarang bagi surprise gift. Tanya je nak apa, bawak kan the right place and she will pick ikut suka My Mommy lah..
Memula i dah suka dengan yang ni.. Plus minus dalam RM1200 ke RM1800 cam tu lah.. But My Mommy tak nak. Macam tak kena taste My Mommy lah pulak..
 Sempat bergambar - gambar lakk..
Then we went to Braun Buffel Boutique. I love this brand. I still simpan this handbag yang Hubby belikan for my birthday about 12 years ago. Still cantikkk lagi..For My Mommy, I pulak yang tak berkenan with the design.. So, tak jadi gak..
At last, kitarang singgah sini.. Ada sale lagi.. Suka gak this brand. My first C&K handbag i bought in Singapore last 2 years. Bought for My Mommy too. 
I suka design yang 4 segi tu. Nampak elegant. My Mommy said she wanted a handbag for attending wedding. I rasa macam sesuai je.. Buttttt
 ....she took this.. Ikut suka her lah.. I followwwww...
Then kitarang terus beredar.. Ingat nak isi perut sikit. Tea time..But on the way tu singgah Guess Boutique. Ingat nak beli a shirt for Abang 'Imran. Tapi tak ada size.. Tak ada rezeki Abang 'Imran.Lepas tu kitarang terus menuju ke T Forty Two.
The decor
 Milky Hot Chocolate for My Mommy - RM8.90
 Ice Chocolate for CiTi - RM10.90
I took Peppermint Tea - RM9.90.. Suka yang ada mint.. Any thing yang ada flavor mint.

Pie Moroccan Lamb - RM18.90. Sedap gak.. Not bad.
 Chicken Basil Mayonis Sandwich for me _ RM13.90.. Not my taste lahh.. I got the idea dari waiter tu.. Ada ke sandwicch cam ni dia kata favorite demand.. Dalam tu cuma chicken tak berapa slices pun and avocado. Sodih i.. Makan je lahh..
 Almond Criossants for CiTi - RM6.90
And the dessert we took Macadamia Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream - RM10.90
Sempat gak mintak tolong dengan waiter untuk took our pic..Heee..kesian dia..
Sempat beraksi dekat sini.. Meriah..
Dah penat lutut dah.. Kami balik at about 17.35PM. Sementara tunggu jockey ambik our car, sempat lagi berposing tu..
Suasana nampak sayu je bila tengok matahari nak tenggelam ni. ALHAMDULLILAH barang yang dihajat dapat dibeli.. Tapi kitarang rasa tak puas shopping for My Mommy.. Ada lagi tu yang belum dibeli.. Sekurang - kurang nya sehelai baju dan sepasang kasut lagi.. i know My Mommy pun sebenarnya dah happy di kelilingi anak cucu.. Tapi gifts ni kan sebagai penghibur tanbahan buat My Mommy...INSYALLAH sebelum balik kampung, tempat harus dikunjung buat My Mommy adalah Jakels and Arriani.. INSYALLAHHHH.. 
Narrated by 'Azra bin Thabit Al-Ansari
When I went to Thumama bin 'Abdullah, he gave me some perfume and said that Anas would not reject the gifts of perfume. Anas said: The Prophet used not to reject the gifts of perfume.

Hadith Sahih Al Bukhari 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Shoppinggg TIme with Abang Luqman

Last Tuesday lepas hantar My Mommy to clinic we decided to go to Mid Valley. But at last tak jadi bawak My Mommy and Daddi. I just brought Abang Luqman. Lagi pun memang Abang Luqman was the main reason why i nak ke Mid Valley. I ada mission for him..heeee..
We went to the 'place' but fully booked until 18.30PM. Well what to do coz i just rempuh je without making any appointment. Tapi tak kesah lah since i mai berdua je dengan Abang Luqman..Small matter lah. Boleh balik malam pun coz i tak bawak another 2 rascals tu..heee.. Duk lah depa kat rumah mengarok dengan Tok Yayi depa..heee..
Then  we all ronda - ronda Metrojaya.. YA ALLAHHHHH.. Saleeeeee.. Macam - macam ada.. Jantung wa dah berdup - dap  dahhhh..heee.. Tak pe lah skimming and scanning je.. heee..
Yang ni cantik gak jadikan tempat cincin. Boleh i tayang kat Yan's Sweet Fingers. Ada lagi bahan untuk orang sewa.. ALHAMDULLILAH.
Berkenan dengan cushion covers ni.. Well ada 30% less.. Macam nak.. Pegang dulu. Mana tau ada ong, boleh lah i ambikk..
I berkenan dengan tapis tu you.. I panggil tapis ayan.. Kenan sangat. Pegang gakkk dulu..
Then berkenan yang ni gak. Tapi kalau tak silap i Chef KoYa said that kat Carefour ada sale almost 50% on every items. So i ingat nak intai nanti. Sampai January nanti.. So..still ada time. Akhirnya i menjadi membeli tempat icncin tu, tapis ayan dan 12 bekas kaca for maybe Cheff CiJu leh buat Sherperd Pie. Tungguuu..Tak banyak i spent pun just around RM100 plus sebab i ada banyak vouchers.
Dah puas berrjalan shopping ni kaki i lotih sangat. Rehat kejap kat Strudels. 
Ini yang kami ambik.. I ambik as usual lah.. Cappucinno Ice.
Ehh.. almost 18.30PM lahh.. Rushing dah ni. Jommm..kita keeeee...*



Kaki Abang Luqman kotor sangat. ada banyak dead skin after the program PCAQ yang lalu..
Kaki yang amat besar sehingga kan i susah nak cari size kasut dia dan akhirnya ini lah yang berrlaku..Kasut extra large.
Heeee... dia tak nak sebenarnya.. But i insist. Geram tengok tumit dia yang pecah - pecah tu.. kalah kan makcik - makcik duduk di dapur..
Well... Abang Luqman lepas habis, terus ke MPH and i did manicure..
After that kami pun buat lah benda - benda yang patut dibuat sebelum menyopping balik. Alaaa bukan apa cci mata je..
Tup - tup ternampak ni..heee... Kashmir lagiii.. aura...aura...hee
Cuci mata di Centre Court. Apa lagiii. action lahhh..Cantikkk sangat..
I patah bali ke South Court. Geram i tengok barang - barang kat sini..Dah tenang dari mula - mula sampai. I nak beli FM. heee
Ashtray. At first Abang Luqman nak beli nak bagi abah katanya. I kata, tak payahhh..
I bagi chance Abang Luqman.. Emmm tinggi nyaaaa..
Ni lah bekas yang i kata nak jadi kan bekas cincin.
Ni lah FM yang i kebak kat situ..heee. Come - come tak???
I suka yang 3 ketui nii..
Ni gakk
Come kann..
We all balik almost at 22.00PM.. Lotih den.. Tiba rumah rupa - rupa nya ada guests. PaManMie hantar Bang 'Imran. Depa gi Melaka.
Ni yang dibeli Bang 'Imran.. Ingat kat Ibu rupa - rupa nya.. Abang 'Im tau yang i minta FM.. So sweettttt..Muahhh..
Chef CiJu sempat prepared Talam Cendol.. Nnati leh share the recipe lah yeee...
Dan saat nya mencuba Tapis Ayan baru..heee.. I letak nasi. yang best nya leh letak alas dengan daun pisang. Sure wangi..Itu lah cerita i on last Tuesday.. Setengah harian dengan Abang Luqman...