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Friday, December 30, 2011

Pahalgam during winter

I wanna share with you guys with these breathtaking pictures in Pahalgam, Kashmir. It is situated at a distance of 96kms from Srinagar the capital of Kashmir province lies lies the Pahalgam. 

Pahalgam means village of shepherds in the local vernacular. Pahal=shepherds, Gam=village. And true to its name Pahalgam was a pastoral village of the yesteryear. But with the advent of tourism this little sleepy village has turned into a small township offering world class facilities to tourists of all categories.
Pahalgam has better tourist spot for skiing.
Pahalgam has a lot to offer for every kind of visitor. It is an ideal place for leisure away from hustle and bustle of the city. One can just lay back and relax in the woods by the gushing river Lidder. 
Pahalgam is located on the bank of Lidder River. The sounds of Lidder River is as external as the whisper of the wind thru pine and fir. Lidder which is the main drainage of the Lidder Valley.

The East Lidder  river originates from Lake Sheshnag and the West Lidder from Kolahoi Glacier (at the foot of Mt Kolahoi 17, 799 ft above sea level, the highest peak in the vicinity of Kashmir Valley). Pahalgam is situated at the confluence of East and West branches of river.
 View of Mt Kolahoi in summer.. I will witness this..INSYALLAHHH..
 Pahalgam Valley in summer.. MASYALLAHHHH..
Mountain flower during summer. Vibrant!!!..
And for the adventure lover Pahalgam is like a gold mine. Gateway to some of the best Alpine treks in the world. Pahalgam is surrounded by an array of alpine lakes and lush green meadows. In the vicinity of Pahalgam is Mt Kolahoi (17.799 ft above sea level) known as the Matterhorn of Kashmir due to the striking resemblance to Mt Matterhorn in the Swiss Apls, a climbers delight apart from that the streams and rivers offer a wonderful chance for white water rafting and the cliffs offer rock climbing oppourtunities. Heli skiing is also done in the area.
Within Pahalgam is the Overa-Aru biosphere reserve, a treat for wildlife lovers with some of the world's rare  wildlife species  like  the Musk Deer, The  Hangul (Kashmir Stag), Commom  Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, Brown Bear, and a lot of beautiful Alpine birds.

Pahalgam boasts  of a 18  hole golf  course  for golfers. The  golf course  offers  greens which few golf course in the world  can offer. Surrounded by majestic mountains it's a life time experience to play there.
What is this? This is firewood which is used for Hamam during winter.
This is the fireplace to burn firewood to heat HAMAM. What is HAMAM?
Hamam is a room with hollow floor which is heated by burning firewood which provides heat during winter. It is also ensures a supply of hot water thru an attached cooper tank called Khazane. Winter in Kashmir is a permanent problem and needs solutions. Hamam can sure be one. The technology was originally imported from Afganistan. It becomes more and more popular among Kashmiris.The coziness and comfort it provides in harsh Kashmiri winter is at the top. Another reason is hamam is a healthy alternative to gas heaters or coal heaters.

Thanks to my Kashmiri fren who gives me some infos about hamam and shares some of the amazing, stunning, breathtaking pictures here, JAZAKALLAH UL KHAIR. In the brief  Pahalgam is a wonderful example of the beauty that the Valley of Kshmir has to offer. A MUST VISIT DESTINATION TO EXPERIENCE KASHMIR. INSYALLAHHHH.... one beautiful fine day i will be there in winter. AMEEN...
Narrated by Ibn Umar
The Prophet said, "The keys of the unseen are five and none knows them but Allah: (1) None knows what is in the womb, but Allah: (2) None knows what will happen tomorrow, but Allah; (3) None knows when it will rain, but Allah; (4) None knows where he will die, but Allah (knows that); (5) and none knows when the Hour will be established, but Allah."

Hadith Sahih Al Bukhari. 


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