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Monday, October 6, 2008

Hari Raya 2008

Just wanna kept all the photos as a memory..This was the raya celebration in 2008. As i promised, this blog gonna be my family album. I dont want to waste all the photos taken by digital camera without being kept in any album. So, i will upload any photos in any occassion happened in our family.

Kenduri doa selamat on the first day of raya.
Abang Toyib sibuk dengan sate..
Kami bakar sate untuk dimakan di pagi raya
Umur Abang Irfan waktu ini adalah 3 tahun 10 bulan dan Abang 'Imran pulak 8 tahun 4 bulan.

We came up with the pink theme for the dress, but men only for the samping..Tengok lah warna pink kami agak terang..

Chef Koya, Chef Ciju, and Paman Mie were busy with sate...

Menyembang lepas kepenatan seharian di hari raya
My puppy, My Mommy, Tokngah, Tokteh, and NekCik
Usually, our table akan penuh dgn many kinda food
Tokteh's family
NekCik's family
TokNgah's family
Paman Mie's family
My puppy, My mommy with 4 of their children (Chef Ciju, Paman Mie, Me, CiTi, without CiRah)
Our family photo without hubby.He did his massage.
Helper yang memang really membantu, Iswatun Khasannah..Just one month worked for me, while my maid went back to Indonesia. She's great.
With NekCik Mai
Anak Dara 4
Tokteh nak balik S'pore
Second day, lepak
Abang Ifam dok massage Abah
Nek Cik tengah distributing kain pelekat
Manja kesayangan nenek....

Alahh bucuk nenek

Anja Tok Yayi dia

Bermaafan session

Selalunya kami balik ke Shah Alam on third hari raya

Monday, August 25, 2008

Second time in 2008 - Bali i come again..

Unexpected i went to Bali again twice within one year in 2008. Jan 2008 with family and July 2008 with friends...Of course i found the differences between these 2 visits.I think it was more 'crazy ' , fun and free while with friends compared to with family..Well with family i have to care more cares on the kids.More luggages, more money and also the accommodation must be comfortable for them.
For this visit, there were 5 of us. We went to Wong Solo Restaurant looked for indonesian cuisine. This restaurant is so popular with chicken grilled, and had our dinner here.
The place was so cosy. It was located in Kuta center. Some say that the restaurants is belongs to the man who has 4 wives and he claims that because of all the wives, he becomes very successful...So some of the menu have special name like 'ayam goreng madu', polygamy drink.
We spent one nite in Kuta on the first day of arrival..We stayed in Bakung Sari Hotel. It is a budget hotel which just costs us USD22. The hotel just so, so. Not recommended to friends and suits to back packers. I just booked thru internet without get more information from others. Well value for the money lah..We spent half of the nite exploring Kuta and Legian for shopping.
Tiring after 3 hours flight and many hours shopping, we went back to the hotel and preparing for the tomorrow's itinerary

On the next day, our 'supirs' were ready to do the Bali Tours and waiting for us to check out from the hotel quite early in the morning. We started our tour at 10.30am and heading to Tanah Lot. My friends bought many souvenirs here because it offered with the reasonable price. But still bargaining is the important tips.
After taking pictures and doing some shopping here, we heading to Kintamani for our lunch.The weather was so great.We could see the mountain and the lake.We took our luch at the gazebo and facing to the active volcano. What a view. So cold here..I love the banana with ice cream here.One tip, just be ware of the sellers.
After spending almost two and half hours here, we rushed to the hotel, of course Tegal Sari Accommodation. I missed the welcoming drinks here..Teh es jeruk..walla...But my room was not same as we had before..Due to fully booked, we only had a chance to stay in superior room..
And yet, the room still made me happy..
Before we went back to Kuala Lumpur, we decided to go to Jimbaran to look at the sunset. The view is awesome.We didnt have much time to have our dinner here and hoping to do it during our next visit.INSYALLAH..

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bakung Sari Hotel, Bali

Where you can find this hotel???
PO Box: 1044,
Jalan Singasari,
Tel: 62-361 751868
Fax: 62-362 752704

I have been to Bakung Sari Hotel during my trip to Bali in last July, 2008. I made a reservation thru internet before going to Bali.. It is cheap and suit to budget traveller. It is simple hotel and situated in Kuta but a bit down to the Kuta center and nite entertaiment.
It has two Balinese architecture stories building with beautiful garden and swimming pool. It has all basic fasilities. It serves many range of local and international cuisines.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

First time join MyEstima Club..

This was the first activity after joining MyEstima Club..The picnic was held at Serendah Waterfall. My kids were so happy pasal depa boleh berendam..Luckily, i brought my maid here too. So dia lah yang kena dok jaga depa ni..I just sat and watched them from far..During this activity, we had barbeque. But this place was so congested with people. So if you wanna come, better in the morning...

Boring je..pagi - pagi dah kena kejut...
Serendah waterfall, dekat Rawang..

They're having fun
With my new frens di MyEstima Club...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Putu Ayu atau Tiwul Ayu

Ingredients5 eggs - C size
300gm sugar
2 tea spoon ovallet
250 gm flour
250 gm coconut milk

200 gm coconut flakes1 tea spoon soda bicabonat
1 or 2 tea spoon pandan flavour
1 or 2 tea spoon green color


1. Beat eggs and sugar until they are white and puffy.
2. Put coconut milk
3. Put ovellet inside the batter and beat again
4. Little by little put flour into the batter.
5. Put soda bicabonat, pandan flavour, and green color.
6. Prepare the mould and grease with a bit of oil.
7. Before pouring the batter, put the coconut flakes at the bottom of the mold.
8. Press it a bit. ( coconut flakes mix with a bit of glutinous flour to make it stick to each others and sprinkle with salt ).
9. Pour the batter over the coconut flakes10. Steam the batter for 10 - 15 minutes....

Once you eat it, you gonna like it....

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kuih dadar or kuih ketayap???

Kuih dadar or kuih ketayap sama je..But it is called by different name by each state..I know dadar first as the name then baru lah i tau some say ketayap..But ketayap has same meaning as kopiah..Whatever, i like it very much this kuih...Before this i knew how to do it from my late grand mom..And i really fall in love once i ate at Waikiki Cafe in Plaza Alam Sentral. And lucky me and Chef Ciju, he told us what the secret is..
All my boys like this kuih...Irfan too...
Ketayap or dadar - sama je..

The ingredients.
1.bowl of flour (120 gm)
2.2 eggs
3.pinch of salt
4.table spoon of cooking oil
5.coloring or pandan juice
6. 300ml coconut milk

100gm palm sugar
pandan leaves
coconut flakes (white part only)

How to make the filling??
1. Dissolve the palm sugar with water and put on heat.
2. Add pandan leaves
3. Add coconut flakes and stir the mixture until dry. Cool it before use it/

how to make it..

1. Put water in flour
2. Beat egg with whisk till blend
3. Pour the batter on to the non stick frying pan..
4. When the crepe is cooked, lift it up from pan.
5. Let it cool a while
7. Put two tables spoon of filling on the crepe, wrap it and roll it up like a spring roll..


Friday, February 15, 2008

Bali, again and again and again....(August 2000, Mei 2006, Jan 2008)

The first time i went to Bali was in 2000 after giving birth for the second son, Muhammad 'Imran. I was staying in Champlung Sari Hotel in Ubud for 2 nites. Then we spent one nite in Kuta ( forgot already the hotel's name ), The best thing while staying in Kuta was the sunset view..Since then i was falling in love with Bali..
Bali Island - cilok dr Uncle Google
After short planning, i went to Bali again in 2007 (also forgot the exact date) with my family, there were 8 of us (hubby, me, 3 boys, and other 2 sisters). This time we were staying at Tegal Sari Accommodation for 2 nites. Since then i just fall in love with this place and recommend to my friends who wants to visit Bali.And she wont regret.
This two storey building was our room.
We also had a chance to visit Bali Bird Park.The entrance's fee was bit expensive but we really enjoyed our time here.If i m not mistaken it cost us almost USD 20/25 per adult. The memories here were so great. I cant load the pictures here because i dont have any scanner now plus no digital camera at that moment.

Then, in 2008 i went there again with my family.Once arrived we straight to Wong Solo Restaurant to have our lunch.The dishes not really spicy compared to Padang Restaurant. We take too little photo here.
At Wong Solo Restaurant
We planned to stay at Tegal Sari Accommodation again, but something just raised up, and we cancelled it.So sad. The hotel just next to our hotel, Padi Prada
The Padi Prada's Cafe.
The veranda where we had our breakfast, So close to the paddy field.

The view of paddy field from Padi Prada
Deluxe Room
This was our room - cilok dari Uncle Google

With CiTi, ni waktu dia single lagi
This time we went to Kintamani, Tanah Lot, Semar Kuning, Ubud Market..Very great experience. It was my third times to Kintamani and Tanah Lot because i had been here before. We had our lunch at Kintamani which is situated with panoramic view of mountains, volcanoes, and a beautiful mountain lake. One tip to the new comers, beware of the lady sellers. They will follow you wherever you go and begging for your kindness to buy some.
At Semar Kuning while negotiating the price for painting. Ketut was a great person.
More paintings
Talking about Uluwatu, i just had been there for once with my fourth sister.It is one of Bali's nine key directional temples has very great view especially during sunset..The temple is inhabited by large number of monkeys.So beware of your belongings.There is also a very scenic Uluwatu cave with rock formations leading into a beach close to the temple. This is a popular spot for surfers.

Kintamani - Mount Batur
Another place which is similar to Uluwatu is Tanah Lot..The temple is built on a small promontory which is only accessible at low tide.During high water the rock takes on the appearance of a large boat at sea, such is its shape.Poisonous snakes live in the nearby caves to 'guard' the temple and contribute to the temple's dangerous reputation.
With Balinese lady.
The view of pura at Tanah Lot
Buddy 2 youu
Here also buddy2
Sunset is the best time to visit Tanah lot, when the golden red skies frame the temple and waves crash into the rocks.