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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gulmarg, Kashmir

Hey..i m talking  about Kashmir  again since my Kashmiri's  fren  shares  some pictures  during winter. This time is Gulmarg  also known as the meadow of flowers dotted with countless colorful Bluebells, Daisies, Forget Me Not's and Buttercups. Another place of tourist attraction in Kashmir. It is located about 56kms south west of Srinagar. But i wanna share with u now is Gulmarg in winter.
Originally it is called Gaurimarg by shepherds where "Gauri" = Goddess Parvati the wife of Lord Shiva. In 16th century its name was changed to Gulmarg by  Yusof Shah Chak.
Slippery road during winter.
Shepherds hut.
The place where you can enjoy skiing and sledging.
This is one of the best ski resorts in India as it gets heavy snowfall especially during winter. Some of the highest ski slopes in India lies in the sloppy Himalayan regions in Gulmarg.
The accommodation where u can get in Gulmarg.
Snow capped mountain. What a view.
The most prominent  attractions of the world famous resort of Gulmarg is Gulmarg Gondola. The only cable car system in Asia which travels up a height of 13, 500 ft above sea level and known as the world's  highest cable car. We can have a short trip up to Khilanmarg by Gondola Cable Car. 
My fren told me that the experience in this cable car is breathtaking and really memorable. Hope i can have that experience too.
 French skiers ready to ski.
This is the latest ski lift in Gulmarg.
GULMARG - WINTER WONDERLAND IN KASHMIR. Just duaa that everyone can be here. INSYALLAH.
Volume 9, Book 91, Number 367:
Narrated Abu Musa:
The Prophet entered a garden and told me to guard its gate. Then a man came and asked permission to enter. The Prophet, said, "Permit him and give him the good news that he will enter Paradise." Behold! It was Abu Bakr. Then 'Umar came, and the Prophet said, "Admit him and give him the good news that he will enter Paradise." Then 'Uthman came and the Prophet said, "Admit him and give him the good news that he will enter Paradise. "

Hadith Sahih Al Bukhari


  1. Salam
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  4. Cantiknya pemandangan kat situ..bila la dapat ke sana ye..

  5. subhanallah..cantiknye sis...sis kalau u pegi bilea de rezeki nanti, u amek gmbr byk2 tau...:)

  6. Papa Mifz,

    tabung je lah..sure boleh nanti..

  7. INSYALLAH Rozita. Tapi make sure bukan waktu winter lah kan.. kalau dah sejuk sangat, cam ne nak jenjalan kan..

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