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Thursday, February 9, 2012

ACCA Patong Boutique Hotel in Phuket

I booked this hotel just a nite before we flied to Phuket. Not much referral about this hotel. Just hope everything's ok. We checked up just on time. But the room was not ready yet. The receptionist and staffs were so helpful even their english were not so fluent. Very new hotel. It has swimming pool and WiFi free of charge.

This is the address of the hotel:

ACCA Patong Boutique Hotel,
179/79-82, Soi Sansabai Kathu,
Phuket 83150
Patong Beach.

This hotel can be categorized as 3 stars hotel. I made a booking thru internet. You can try here.

 This hotel was just few months launched. So, means new hotel. I love the decoration in this hotel especially at the lobby.
 Banyak benda - benda yang kecik - kecik ni. Sure the owner has special taste lahh..
 Macam decoration rumah Melaka pulak.
 Ada welcoming drink.. So sweetttt...
 Twin Bedroom. The charge is about RM250 per nite.
 Cantik toilet dia.
I was so pleased while staying here.. Just the environment hotel je yang agak bising.. We got the room yang bit isolated sikit.. So tak lah bising sangat.. Nyenyak tidur..
Volume 2, Book 20, Number 186 :
Narrated by Ibn Abbas
The Prophet once stayed for nineteen days and prayed shortened prayers. So when we travel led (and stayed) for nineteen days, we used to shorten the prayer but if we travelled (and stayed) for a longer period we used to offer the full prayer.
Hadith Sahih Al Bukhari 


  1. Terperanjat kakcik tengok gambar receptionist tu - ingatkan sebahagian dari hiasan, nampak kepala je! :)

  2. cantik
    simple dan nampak sgt2 modern hotel nie
    not bad 250.00 ;)

  3. Hiasan lobby macam kat rumah cantik - santai sangat, mesti selesa.

  4. Kak zakie,

    memang selesa. Sya online kat sofa tu je..Abang Irfan siap tidur2 lagi..hee

  5. alhamdullilah susumanis..

    selalu sangat dapat hotel baru..

  6. Decor nampak simple tapi cantik. Dan memang terserlah hotel baru.

  7. rozita,

    baru sebulan bukak.. facilities semua baru..

  8. boleh tahan juga, murahla untuk bilik kemas camni..worth it..;)

  9. best giler la kalau selalu dpt bercuti..this year company trip to Guangzhou..siap2 la aku kena kumpul duit...huhu..

  10. interior bilik and lobby teramat cantik.. i loiikkee.. musti rasa mcm nak snap photo at every angle kan..

  11. salam kenal dan kunjung balas.
    nice blog n info.