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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Weekend itu datang lagi...

Actually ari ni i felt so boring..Hubby out station ke JB..Nak buat N3 malas..Rolled down, rupa2nya N3 ni tak post2 lagi..So edit mana perlu and i wanna share this cite..

Early in the morning, when i woke up from bed, hubby still mengaduh sakit /pening di kepala masih terasa.. i felt so worried..Yelah..dah lah on Thursday dia really made me so worried when he addmitted to Eye Specialist in Kepong. His eyes pressure was ridicolous.Out of normal reading..50 As doctor says normal reading is between 7 to 20..Just imagine..Berapa kali lipat tu pak...

But after the doc did something on his eyes, the pressure dropped to 36 and before he left, it was 26.. So today he made the follow up. Means that i had to follow him to the doctor.. We reached at almost 11.30 am.. He had to take the blood pressure and did one procedure for the blood test. this was to examine why he had a glucoma in a very early age, 42 baru...

I juat wanna share this story, bukan apa - apa..Mana tau kalau - kalau ada any family member yang ada sakit yang berkaitan dengan mata ni, so you could refer to this a very good doctor.. Highly recommended. His clinic was so packed with patients..Sampai tak cukup tempat duduk. As my observation, doctor and his crews were so efficient..Kejap je kami kat situ.Clinic ni in front of Jusco Kepong...Phone number pun ada kan...

Well after seeing the doctor and arranging for new appointment, Hubby told me to release his tension. Siap cakap nak mati lah..Eee...tak sesuai langsung.. Nak pegi mana ye, Yang..He asked me..I jawab, Amcorp Mall lah..Yelah ..dah lama kami tak ke sana..So we went there. Full of people especially at the flea market. After took sometimes, and did some shopping for baby Faiqa Lestari, one cardigan, Polo dress, and legging, we searched for our lunch..Ingat nak ke Selero Negeri, but it was full.. Ended up Secret Recipe again..Nak wat cam ne..

Baby Faiqa Lestari with her new Baby Gap cardigan... Ibu pun baru je dapat pakai cardigan...Faiqa baby lagi dah pakai...

Ingat nak balik terus, rupa - rupanya Hubby layan CD baru..Memang port dia lah.. So i took a chance merayap ke Romantika..Emmm banyak lah hasil tangkapan ari ni..hee...Dah tu kami pun balik...Kurang - kurang dapat dating ari ni...Hubby pun nampak cool je...ALHAMDULLILAH

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