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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bandung - shopping time March 17, 2010

Day 3.
March 17, 2010

After having our breakfast at the hotel, we were ready to do our...SHOPPING at Pasar Baru. Pak Iwan told us that it opened at 9.00am but we were ready at 8.00am..Ha..haa.. so excited. So Bapak Iwan brought us to have the sight seeing around the town first. 
We could see the first hotel which built in Bandung and owned by Germany but then was given to Indonesian, his loyal assistant as a gift. He also showed us some colonial buildings which still preserved until now. There were many old houses which transformed to new factory outlets. It just took us around 20 minutes, then we went to Pasar Baru (New Market). 

At Pasar Baru we just spent around 2 hours here. The place was more or less like Tanah Abang. But for me it was more systematic. Many many thing you could find here especially telekung, batik, handbags, blouses. Pasar Baru had many floors like food court, textile, handbags, gold and wet market. I just bought 2 telekungs. So damm cheap. Berbaloi - baloi....

Then we went to Kampung Daun Art Gallery for our pre lunch..haaa...haaa. In our minds, there were a lots of restaurants to go and to taste the cuisines. So that adalah pre lunch...

The hut next to the river

Jejaka tampan yang meladeni kami..

So green, yet so freshhh!!!
Another hut
The ambiance was so nice with sound of the river stream. Sungguh alami... We decided to have light meals here coz we liked to try other Sundanese cuisines at other places.
So we just took some of desserts and side orders..I was really amazed with the presentation of the food.Awesome.They were so creative. Dont have to talk much on it, just look at the photos here...We took about 1 hour here before heading for shopping......
Shopping time was heaven for us.
Could u see something weird here???

What a day..We just went to Mode Plus, Rumah Mode, and Grande. The traffic really terrible due to the rain. But i did some shopping in Rumah Mode. Many branded items you could find here. What i like here was the blouses which suit to me. I mean size.... Unluckily, once we reached Grande, it was heavy rain. We stuck here almost 20 minutes before went for dinner. Meant only few factory outlets we could go. We missed Toko Tiga, Herritage, Terminal Tas, and many others.
By searching places for our dinner, we went to Paris Van Java. But nothing special here. Our time wasted here. Then we decided to go Ampera Restaurant.
Again Sundanese cuisine. Many selection of food here. What we like most was the 'sambal belacan'..The palce was not so big, but the ambiance of the restaurant was nice, like Balinese concept. Unfortunately, i couldnt take much photos here due to the rain..what a pity.

We have to go back to hotel and did our packing. Our flight was on 12pm. But, haa..haaa...crazy idea just got into one of member's mind.
We planned to have supper at The Hoek and went for steak. Just imagine, it was 12 mid nite...crazy..even my feet not really in good condition, we went there by walking. It took us almost 15 minutes. They had simple dishes i mean steak for us. Got back to hotel by taking taxi. No more walking.


  1. Went to Jakarta and Bandung in 2004. Shopping sakan di Bandung. But i love Bali more :)

  2. Me too.. Bali is so peaceful esp in my own kampung lahh..

  3. hehe..kali dayah ada baca sikit la... enjoy gambar je lebih..

    untuk kan indonesian itu..dapat banggunan tu sebegaia hadiah..hikhik..

    tgk gmbr akak nih cantik2 pulak nmpk.. dyh ada jugak usha gmbr2 org yg pi holiday kat sana..tapi nmpk mcm kotor...macam suram dan kusam la..