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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Santai - santai dengan anak - anak seharian...

Outing time with my boys is a must for us.. This time we went to Bukit Bintang to buy some cloth for them..Complaints from them.."Alahhh...adik punya seluar dah singkat lah ", claims si 'Imran.."Buk, seluar ifan udah enggak bisa dipake lagi," Bibik complaint..... or " Ibu, Luqman nak seluar baru lah"...So me and hubby brought them to Bukit Bintang..Sure lengang KL ari ni..semalam baru Christmas... We arrived at 12.05pm.. After went for vallet parking kami terus went to Sungai Wang Plaza dan terus masuk ke Padini Store..
Ini lah gelagat si kecik dan si sedang dalam fitting room area...Macam rumah depa...
See Ticha, this is Abang Ifan
Found everything for Abang Luqman. Shirt, jeans, slacks, and belts..Almost RM500 juga lah... So Abang Luq, and Hubby pun happy..Mamat dua tu , bising kan main...Sebab this store not mend for them...

Then we went out from this plaza..So thirsty and ingat nak isi perut dulu..No breakfast pun pagi tadi....So this is the place kami lepak...First Cup Cafe...Amik port paling selesa...Lepak kat kedai tu, macam kedai tu kami yang punya..

So lenganglah sal ari ni masih cuti ..Kan semalam Christmas.. We ordered macam - macam but just light things je..Macam ice cream, pancakes, and cream mushroom soup....We spent almost half an hour here.

Emmm yum yumm kan Abang 'Imran???
I asked hubby if he liked to do the foot massage, and he agreed.. So we went to My Best Friend Foot Massage..

Memang tempat routine aku and hubby.... Well the kids also looked so excited to go..Once masuk, no other customer in the place..So liked macam kami yang konker tempat ni. I took foot massage, hubby too then went for body massage..Well Abang Luq pun tak nak miss..He did take foot massage too..Dua orang lagi pun merengek..But i persuaded them to go for fish spa..Emmm melompat - lompat suka..Well akhir nya mak dia pun ikut sama..heee...Enjoyed gak lah....

After spending almost one and half hour, we went to Metrojaya, to buy another cloths for another two little rascals..hee... Grap yang ok, dapatlah dia East India, Poney, and another satu lagi brand..Entah apa tah...Another RM550 fly and fly.......Then kami cuci - cuci mata sikit kat Plaza Bukit Bintang. Tak beli apa - apa pun...

These three boys looked so happy and hubby said enough for today... Tapiaku melepas lah nak menyopping..Yelah kesian kat hubby.....Then we heading back to Plaza Low Yat and waited for our car at the valet parking

But on the way back, we just realized that we have not taken our lunch yet .. So perut pun berlagu merdu..And on the way back, heading to Tai PanTak dak port lain, we just went to Nailis... Emmm.. makan lah..and almost maghrib, baru kita balikk...Puhhh penat but it was really enjoyable...Anak - anak Sidek pun berbahagia....

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