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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Medan, Indonesia (March 2 - 5, 2009)

This was my first trip to Medan and the first company trip .I have heard about how beautiful Lake Toba is since i was 12 years old. As Air Asia landed at Polonia Airport, everybody looked so excited.We met our tour guide, Bapak Sudiroroy,very warm and friendly Javenese man.We started our journey after took short break - tea break with Bapak Roy. We traveled by Pergio van which accommodated 8 of us and luggages.

After 5 hour journey, i guessed more, we saw the largest valconic lake in the world.Very panoramic .HORASSS!!!!Batak greeting. Everybody busy taking pictures..We checked in to the hotel.The view of Lake Toba could be seen from the window. Unfortunately our rooms were not facing the lake.What a pity...We spent one nite only.
The next day after had our breakfast, we headed to Samosir Island to visit Tomok and Ambarita Village, the main towns in the island. Ambarita is an ancient Batak tribal village. Here, we can find the stone chairs where the tribal elders had a council.Tomok, the place which is the batak tribal tomb located.You can find most of the souvenir quite same for both places. Just bargain.
The visit took about 4 hours. We had our lunch at Istana Minang Restoren. Again we were served with nasi padang.Not as good as i had ever tasted before.Continued our journey to Brastagi. We stopped at Sipiso-piso Waterfall.
It was so cold here...Took pictures again. Reached Brastagi - Mejuah - juah (Brastagi people greeting). Quite late evening. Everybody just zipped her mouth.Tiring with the zig zag road . Once we saw the hotel, everyone cheered up again and couldn't wait any longer...

The hotel interior was very modern with minimilis concept.The air here was so fresh with mountain breeze. So cold... after dinner everyone's eyes were half opened. But i decided to go for hot coffee and smell the air.Then....zzzzzz....

The third day - We went to top of Bukit Gundaling to see Sibayak Mount and Sinabung Mount. Very fresh and chill. Some of us went for horse riding. Bad thing happened. Never, never in their history, one of us fell from the horse. 4 stitches above the eyebrow..Erghhh.. We rushed to PUSKESMAS. Just everything done, we continued our journey to Medan. Missed some activities here since we needed to go for second opinion for the injury. In the van, she vomitted. Prayed nothing severe would happen. At last we reached Gleni Hospital, private hospital in Medan at 1.30pm. Should be our lunch now.

We just skipped the result of ct scan because we moved out for late lunch at Lubuk Udai.. 

The smell goshh...The finger licking good..The best roasted fish and chicken with the dip that i ever had...The Rasa - rasa drink is the combination of six fruits.Manggo, jackfruit,avacado, soursop, 'terung belanda' and passion fruit.Everybody was full and tired.Checked in to the Danau Toba International Hotel.

The last day.Quick visit to Maimoon Palace and Mesjid Raya

because of the time limited.The main reason time..We went to Fish Market but no fish here....Blouses, telekungs, sarongs, and many were here.But bargain, bargain.Then we had our lunch at Java Mie 
next to the Factory Outlet and Edward Forrer..Only short time had taken here.The youngster screamed for the mall.We went to Medan Plaza.Rushed again because we had to check out from the hotel.
At 6, we reached Polonia Airport and time to say good bye to Bapak Roy..The time was so short but left with many memories in Medan...

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  1. Medan is considered my first overseas trips (beside thailand n singapore) back then in 1996. I was thrill by the beauty of the lake and the people and culture surround her. Amazing.

    1. Medan or can say Lake Toba adalah dream place and i put as a wish place to visit when i was child...hanya terpenuh hajat tu in 2009. ALHAMDULLILAH.. so peaceful. esp bila hotel ada depan lake..SUBHANALLAH..

  2. hehe...

    terserlah muka happy masing2...

    (pengakuan jujur nih..sbb kak yan cerita english..dayah baca sambil lalu je.. hehe..almaklumlah kurang bijak nak paham semua ayat :) tapi dayah enjoy tgk gmbr..picture pun clear...)