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Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend trip PD, Saturday, 24 April, 2010

It was unplanned trip. For the first time, Zura and the geng yang plan to go to PD. Deliver cuppies to kak Pija then planned to stay overnite there. She just asked me samada interested to join or not. Well, after asking hubby, and seemed he interested, we booked two rooms at The Legend Water Chalet. And another unplanned decision, we booked another room for Tok Ngah, and NekCik's family..The more the merrier lah katakan..
But, as usual before going somewhere, we like to have our breakfast or lunch, kat tempat lain..Hubby decided to bring us to makan ayam kampung, Restoren A.Hassan, Ayam Kampung. Biasanya, kami have in Jalan Tenteram Veladrom at Cheras. But, there are so many branches around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.
The new building, just next to the old one.
Massive changes here. Rupa- rupa, tokey ni dah ada one building tersergam di sebelah. But we decided to have our lunch under the tree..Lebih rasa macam kat kampung.
But most of the customer like to take their lunch under the trees.
The ayam goreng kampung is the 'killer' dish here..
It was crowded with people who like to have ayam kampung and other Kelantan cuisine. And another best menu here is gulai kawah. Unfortunately, our gulai kawah was spoil. Dah semacam je baunya once it was served to us.Bila perut dah kenyang, we continued and reached Port Dickson at 1545pm. We booked The Legend Water Chalets.
Interior and exterior of the chalet
After we did the check in, kami terus ke our room by using the buggy. Kids were so excited. Our rooms were 178, 177, and 175. Close to each others. Memang mudah kanak - kanak semua keluar masuk...
Nek Cik arrived almost at 1720pm to join us. Then we together - gether went to Pasar Malam nearby. The pasar malam was so big..Varieties of food there.. just pick and pay.. We bought quite a lots of food.

Then we decided to go for the sunset by the beach side..Cool at this moment. Everyone busy taking pictures. Hugging, jumping, sitting, smiling and seribu satu macam karenah at the beach..We spent almost one hour here..Then went back to hotel for shower....
At nite in the hotel, kids, girls and TokNgah went for swimming before we went for dinner. While hubby, TokPuCu and Abang Luqman were fishing at the room's balcony. Hubby rented the fishing rod for the whole nite.. At the pool, everyone looked so happy, especially the kids. I dengan NekCik just tengok je lah...
At 2225pm, we went for dinner..DINNER??? huh...makan lagi..Trip and eat..our slogan...We just went for Bangi Kopitiam (this cafe belongs to one of the Search guitarist - Kid) and had our sate and kopitiam food there...The food just so so..I had stomachache after had its mee hoon tomyam..Not highly recommended lah. We straight went back to hotel..Tido time...
For breakfast on the next morning, we decided just to go for outside food rather than hotel's food.. Cheap and yummy...Not far from the hotel, we stopped at one mamak stall and went for breakfast there..Well, still could consider breakfast lah..tak sampai tengahari lagi..The breakfast at 1000AM..
Went back to the hotel just to buang our time and menikmati our rooms..We made late check 1300pm. Alang - alang bersantai lah katakan.. Once checked out, when went for lunch first at the Pantai Teluk Kemang. We just went to the stall nearby.Our trip ended bila we split at the exit to Shah Alam..Suatu weekend yang menyeronokkan...Just to release tension...priceless....

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