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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ikan bakar belakang Istana Negara....

Today, we decided to have a visit Lina yang sedang be'rehat- rehat' at Prince Court Hospital..So before kuar umah, we just had light breakfast..Sure we wanted to eat out..So after searching, hubby took us here...Sesapa yang tak penah cuba, well tempat ni mmg sedap..Harga murah je..cuma berebut tempat lah...
We didnt go to this shop, kedai sebelah dia kami layan
Ikan pari, sotong, dan ikan keli...perrgghhhh
Sempat lagi posing
Ikan keli bakar....
Chef Ciju dgn Abg Luqman
ABC looks so tempting
The end........
Nak lebih specific lagi, u have to enter Jalan Bellamy to go to this place. This place is behind Istana Negara. Bit crowded during lunch, week days..Especially office hours. So better go there during weekends..Pun penuh sometimes..But gud luck....

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