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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bostan Gulistan Houseboat, Kashmir

to get round the paradise one of the best ways to enjoy your holiday, don't forget to stay at the houseboat.  it is a heaven of warmth and comfort. it is also a unique and must do experience.  However, choosing a boat can be a challenge.. but i will share my experience staying at this houseboat. 

Staying at this Bostan Gulistan Houseboat group is the best choice for me so far.  and all based on my f i r s t   e x p e r i e n c e   h e r e..  and since then i won't take any risk to stay at other houseboat.. no need to get headache.. let me tell you about this houseboat.

Maharani Gulistan Houseboat

Dastan Houseboat

Young Gulistan Houseboat

King Rose Houseboat

Gulistan Palace.

this is ours Gulistan Palace Houseboat. 

and the last houseboat is Bostan Houseboat. it shares same courtyard.

very clean bathroom with hot shower.. so don't worry.

our spacious bedroom.. tetiba ada model import..

my bed there... so spacious..

simple wardrobe. 

our butler that we called him Mr Richard Gere. heeee

our dining room.. just love the wood. 

wooden partition.. 

i sud ask this as the souvenir for me. ha..haa..haa. ( i will do during my next visit.. FOR SURE).. 

special dish ware for special guests..

very neat dining area

big and spacious hall

the wooden ceiling.. so nice.. carving one. 

the heater for winter and spring season.. placed at the living hall. 

the sofa in the main hall. 

someone was here.. :-)

the guest of Gulistan  Houseboat last spring.. hii..hiii . the interior is such beautifully decorated with classy furniture. 

very early in the morning, i loved to stroll down at the backyard of the houseboat. 

the kitchen 


house of the owner.


love the reflection... 

and all the sudden, someone distracted my moment. a big brother of the houseboat...

view from the back yard to the Dal Lake. 

Mr Asraf, Mr Yacub, and their staffs.

i love to stay at Gulistan  Houseboat coz it has a big courtyard.. still remembered that during my first visit, i had my tea on the courtyard and suddenly one flower seller gave some flower to me.. heeee.. soooo nice.. 

the shikaras of the houseboat will bring you around the Dal Lake..

MASYALLAH... my capture - how lovely this view.. 

You won't be regret!!!!! trust me.


  1. Wow, cantiknya hiasan dalaman houseboat tu...

  2. Assalamualaikum

    Wah, cantik2nya pemandangan di sini. Bila lah den nak sampai sini.....

    1. Waalaikumusalam dear mamawana..

      boleh je kalau nak pi tu.. bukan lah mahal sangat pun.

  3. As Salam...
    wonder to be there...tq for sharing this lovely place

  4. mmng hand carved ke kak? cantiknyaaa..kagum saya espcly siling tu....perghh

  5. jatuh hati ngan bekas gula angsa ker itik tah tu. hehee...
    nway, salam kenal dari akubukanchef. :)

  6. wow... nice sgt tempat ni.
    houseboat tu ukiran dia sangat menarik. interior dia pun cantik sgt

  7. Cantik n unik
    Bestnyer dpt melancong tmpat org

  8. boat ni bergerak ke statik je kat situ eh kak??

  9. salam kak yan.. :)
    bestnye jalan2.. lepas ni ke mana kak yan? seronok kalau dapat join kak yan gi travel.. uuuhuu

    1. jom lah.. lepas ni maybe nak ke Jepun kot.. dgn anak.

  10. Replies
    1. yes dear. memang cantik sangat.. menarik tertarik. hee