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Friday, July 9, 2010

Unforgettable Meet Up, Keiko my travbuddy from Holland ...

Almost a month Keiko, my travbuddy's friend from Holland had arranged small meet up in KL. She also informed Kak Nani Othman and Suhaila for the meet up. She had a long vacation and tomorrow she flown back to Holland. Meeting her and her talllll ( his height is 6' 6") husband, Harry, for the first time was really amazing seemed that we had met before.... She was friendly..We met at Sakae Sushi in KLCC.. We had our dinner there, but unfortunately without Suhaila who could not join us because she trapped in a friday bad traffic..

the meet up place
just for memory
Keiko and her husband, Harry
with Kak Nanie
with me....
me and sweet Kak Nanie
three 'little sweet gurlz'..heee..

Almost half way eating, i realized that i forgot to take photos of the dishes
..We were excited talking and laughing.. Never mind i still could catch some of them for the memory..
queuing and moving to be picked
the bowl is beautiful...
I could only load the pictures, but couldnt remember the name of them..I rarely go the Japanese Restaurant..rare very rare...
Look at our plates..hee..19 plates. Our stomachs were happy...

We spent here almost one hour fifteen minutes before heading to The Dome to meet Suhaila there.. At Dome we just went for coffee and continued talking..
With Suhaila at the Dome for coffee
before saying good bye....

We didnt spend much time here because i needed to rush back..I couldnt drive at nite and driving alone in fact... Hard to say gud bye.. But we believed one day we could meet again..Nice meeting both of you Keiko and husband.. Also nice meeting Suhaila...Unforgettable Meet Up...

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