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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring in Kashmir

Spring is back in Kashmir after the harsh winter which extends from March to early May.  The weather during this time can be pleasant at 23 C or chilly and windy. This is the season when Srinagar rains. Throughout the valley thousands of fruits and flowers burst into bloom exuding and alluring fragrance.

Almond trees in full bloom covering the hilly ranges and fields of Kashmir are the first among the fruit trees to bloom. When  you visit Srinagar in Spring you can witness this spectacular view in Badamwari or Almond Alcove. This place had been neglected for nearly three decades . But now it is restored and the park is blooming again.

Almond Garden is also known as Badamwari. One of the oldest garden in Kashmir, Badam Wari is popular destination among residents and tourists.

Yemberzal flower declare the arrival  of spring in Kashmir. Also known as Narcissus the first flower Kashmiris see right after the harsh winter.

These almond tress can grow up to 15m and have oval leaves tinged with red and fleshy fruit. From green phase these fruits turn to bright red with very aromatic and sweet.

Almond Alcove -  a fountain within a rock work in the shape of  "ALLAH".

Hari Parbat Fort can be seen from the Almond Garden.

Kashmiris like to spend their time at the Almond Garden during spring.  They will carry samovar (a copper kettle with a base for coal storage for heating tea), sheets and water nuts and gather at Badamvaer or Almond Alcove. I really wish i also could be here during spring in Kashmir. INSYALLAHH....Who knows.....

 Volume 3, Book 39, Number 518 :
Narrated by Abu Huraira
The Ansar said to the Prophet "Distribute the date palm trees between us and our emigrant brothers." He replied, "No." The Ansar said (to the emigrants), "Look after the trees (water and watch them) and share the fruits with us." The emigrants said, "We listen and obey."
Hadith Sahih Al Bukhari 


  1. cantiknya kashmir ... bila la dapat peluang nak ke sana

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  3. Cik Na, fine day.. Who knows kann.. tak pe for the time being, kita tgk gambar je..hee

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    dah tempatnya sejuk beb.. Kita ni pun agaknya cam tu. cuma hidung je pesek..hee

  5. spring yg di nanti...
    colorful n indah ngan flowers

  6. ye lahhh.. teringin sangat.. Awak dah biasa kannn..

  7. I berangan nak ke Kashmir ni... harap harap dapat pergi time winter

  8. Insyallah Lizz.. Kalau ada rezeki apa salahnya..

  9. Rozita, kalau winter takut sejuk sangat. Tak leh nak jalan banyak. pegi waktu spring lahh. sedap sikit.

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    1. wasalam Zulfadly,

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