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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Orang kampung datang on May 26, 2010

Before my parents went back home yesterday, they already mentioned that Kak Zizah, Abang Kamal with family are coming to my house. They are my second cousins. Their second son is having a graduation day at ITM. Kak Zizah is really a good cook. My mom mentioned that she is bringing mee rebus to my house.

They reached at my house at 19.30pm..As usual, Chef Zura was preparing some dishes for our dinner. So we ate together. And means that big table again..I tried her mee rebus. No doubt, the mee was delicious.. Superb..We enjoyed our dinner.
Kak Zizah, Abang Kamal and their sons..
Mee Rebus and Pulut Panggang from kampung
Another guest, invited by them
Chef Ciju, Chef Koya, Bibik and Aisyah..

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