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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dinner with my big family...

After did Luq's food for his birthday, we decided to make some food for tonite. Dah terlanjur make for Abang Luqman's class, we teruskan dengan for tonite..Sekali sekali..And my parents now with me..We did some celebration not a grand one lah..just makan2...So we invited, Paman and family, Nek Cik and family, Tok Ngah and Chef Koya, and CiTi and family.
Our usual dinning table could only fit for twelve persons. But today we had 20 people..So means that the dining table not fit for all of us..So..
We had to add up another 2 tables for the kids and extra persons for this gathering. It gonna be the longest dining table in our record..Hee... Yelah..the more the merrier....
Some decision have made, we cook 'Nasi Minyak, Ayam Masak Kurma, Paceri Nenas, Chicken Porridge for Makcik, Nachos, and Pengat Labu....Just to add on, we bought Murtabak Johor, and hubby bought grilled chicken...The main dishes are in the white bowls. Nasi minyak, chicken kurma, and prawn sambal... .
Tonite, i also made another more cuppies. The pink roses are dedicated to Makcik for her belated birthday. While the big chocolate marble cheese cake was for Luqman. And the other blue cuppies for Luq and Cik..Emmmm and eat..
Nek Cik and Abang Luqman were celebrating their birthdays. Nek Cik now turned 51 and Luq turned 13...
The birthday boy was cutting his cake. He had 2 occasions due to his birthday this year. One in school and the other one at home..How lucky ...
Dont bite my fingers..
The kids cant wait to eat..

See how serious we are bila tiba time makan...hee....

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