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Monday, May 31, 2010

Pudding Jagung with Fruit Cocktail

This recipe...., favorite dessert in our family. I knew this recipe since i was young and usually made it for my cousin when i stayed with his family in Singapore. I learned by myself after eating in Muar in 1986. I still remembered that.. Then cuba buat sendiri. Still remembered masa tu i was 18 years old.. (YA ALLAH.. i mudah nya masa tu..hee)  The first time, it was so funny. The pudding could not be eaten at all. It was so hard, bitter..Too much custard flour. Gradually i improvised it.. Then, now it becomes one of the favorite dessert in our family...

The ingredients

1 1/2 cup custard flour
1 1/2 tin of evaporated milk
1 1/2 small tin of condensed milk
sugar - more or less, it up to you
plain water
1 tin of cream style corn
How to make it ????

A. Pudding
1. Put the flour in the pot, then pour six cup of plain water.
2. Put the evaporated milk about half of the portion because the other half for the gravy.
3. While stirring, put in the condensed milk..also half of the portion.
4. If you like, you can put some sugar. It depends on you..
5. Lastly, put the cream corn before you cook it..
6. Use the small fire, and dont stop stirring until the pudding  becomes thicker. will burn if you stop stirring.
7. Once u see the bubble, it shows that the pudding is already cooked.
8. Remove from fire, and pour into any 'acuan' you like...Atau guna yang kecil - kecil..
B. Gravy / Caramel
1. Put 6 cups of plain water.
2. Then put all the milk and stir it.
3. Add up another half cup of custard flour - to make the gravy bit thicker.
4. Put on the fire and stir well.
5. Then again, the gravy has its bubble to show its cook, then remove from fire.
How to serve...
1. Put everything in refrigerator including the fruit cocktail. Once they chill, you can serve it.
2. First put one slice of pudding in salad bowl.
3. Pour the gravy
4. To garnish it, put the fruit cocktail and the syrup..
5. You also can put one or two ice cube.
6. Now ready to eat.
Cuba..jangan tak cuba..
Volume 7, Book 65, Number 374 :

Narrated by Aisha
The Prophet said, "If the Iqama for ('Isha') prayer is proclaimed and supper is served, take your supper first "