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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bus Station yang menyeksa pemandangan..

This morning my parents went back to kampung. They used the express bus, Transnasional. The bus station is located in Section 17, Shah Alam. The departure time was 09.15am. Unfortunately the bus was not on time. Usually it late for 10 to 15 minutes.. When we reached there, i saw garbage dump on the sidewalk.

Di situ lah biasanya passengers will board on the bus. I felt so pissed off..Bayangkan dengan orang yang sebegitu ramai, and the bus station is not really big.. So the view jadi worst. What do you think??? I noticed the dump was there since yesterday because i sent my father to buy the ticket here. Whose gonna be blamed???
The bus station is not really big..And yet the dump really make you sakit mata...
Camne kalau tourists berkunjung ke tempat kita? Tak ke malu...

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