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Monday, May 3, 2010

Cupcakes for Luq's birthday

Within two days, some cupcakes yg telah our beloved chef buat, dan some i did the decoration and termasuklah hubby....He did the names..This time we did the Orange Choc Swirl cupcakes....And ini lah hasil karya kami.....
Mini cakes for Luq to put candles dan bagi kat ustazah
For the nite celebration
Blue cuppies for boys and names on them
Pink cupcakes for girls and also names on them
These cuppies yang should be on the day of celebration at school...
The cupcake with name on it in the plastic box..
For the girls with names on them
The cupcakes for both Luq and Makcik..See the marshmellow for the decoration? Blue for Luq, and pink for Makcik.....
Pink roses for Nekcik.
I mixed 2 colors to have this result

Soon i will show some of the cupcakes yang telah kami buat..Some for wedding, tunang, u boleh cuci mata...

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