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Friday, April 23, 2010

Off day activities...

Today was my day off...Hee actually kalau nak ari2 off day pun leh gak..hee..Sent the children early in the morning. Take a nap again. Then hubby went to the office..Aku ngabis masa depan PC..tengok facebook...then went for lunch before having an appointment with fren at McDonald..

I went to Kiliney (Sabariah punya) at Laman Seri Business Park.. So at 1400pm i had my footlong sausage set and Cold Lycee Roselle. Emmm sedappp!!!!!!

lycee rosselle drink.
Chef Ciju pulak mintak Singapore Katong Laksa...Tokey kedai makan Nasi Tomato..Nanti tgk gambaq dalam post Kiliney at Laman Seri Business Park, Sect 13....

After about one hour at here, i went to McDonald to meet my friends. They wanted to explain to me how to create my own web site. This was the moment i really tunggu2..But unfortunately the way they explained to me really made me bored and confused. After half an hour explaining and i still lost, then kawan punya kawan (yang ni lah pioneer nya) talked to me and explained more detail. Then i knew a bit about it..Huhhh!!!!!! kenapa lah amik masa lama na...Aku dah penat dah...
Then i went back and took a little rest before bersiap - siap for swimming session at ITM..

Almost a month plus aku tak masuk kolam..So i wanted to reduce my...hee lemak - lemak...So after memujuking oleh Chef Ciju, aku pun sarung balik my swimming suit...

The session started about 2000pm and lasted at 1000pm. But me made up our mind to quit early.. Wanted to go to Giant..Kena beli beras..Ingat nak mam kat Giant, but almost of the kedai dah closed..So we decided to go to Sect 18 and had our dinner there..Called Pak ngah to join us..Tempat makan ni penah p sekali dua dah..Ingat nak pekena nasi kerabu..But when we reached there, seemed tak dak lagi dah..We went for something else... I and Pak Ngah makan sup sayur and ayer radiq, Chef Ciju dan Chef Koya, roti canai..Not bad...Sedappp roti canai lahhh

Sambung esokk ye...

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